Optilife: Optimum Life
You Can't Afford to Not Be in Tune with God:
Stop Eating Bad Food: Eat Healthy Food:
White Flour Raw Fruit
White Sugar Salads
Potatoes & White Rice Sprouted Grains
Sodas Unpasteurized Juices
Milk Products Water

Being in Touch with God is more than just Reading Scripture.
It's Living it in a Temple that is maintained and doing His Will!
Remember: God put Raw Food in the Garden of Eden. not Hamburgers
Fasting Helps, but you can lose weight and get well by eating lots of raw fruit and salads, too!

Don't follow fads: get down to the basics.
If you need to follow a fad, choose the Caveman Diet or Garden-of-Eden diet:

just eat raw fruit and leaves!

That's what Adam and Eve ate!!!
That's what Jesus said to eat (read the Essene Gospel of Peace).

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes wrote about healthy living.
They didn't cook (kill) anything.
They ate lots of raw fruit, leaves and sprouts.
Check out their Essene Bread (sprouts formed into a patty and warmed on a rock).

When you cook things, you destroy the enzymes and vitamins.
The vibrant life energy dissipates in cooking: that's why vegetables wilt in cooking.

Prayer before meals isn't for God's sake, it's for yours.
Prayer puts you in tune with God's energy and prepares you to receive his energy.

Live Life Fully for Him in all that you do!

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